Why St. Jerome

St. Jerome Parish School strives to continue our legacy of 90 years, assuring a Catholic value-based education for our children centered in a loving and caring environment where respect, learning, faith and morals are intertwined.

Our philosophy is based upon care for the whole child: mind, body, and spirit.  Jesus is certainly our formational role model for how we live and interact with others.

We provide our children with an environment conducive to academic excellence, from mastery of the basics and early critical thinking to problem solving and enrichment activities.

Our commitment to fostering a Catholic education for our children calls us to cherish and hand on the traditional values of our faith.  So too, our emphasis on Catholic Social Teaching provides numerous opportunities to respond to the needs of the wider community and “make a difference”.

Our school motto, “Reach for Excellence,” is truly our “guiding star;” to never lose focus for high academic expectations coupled with high moral standards.

How to enroll

As you begin discerning the best educational setting for your child/ren, we invite you to consider St. Jerome Parish School as your first option.  To help you enroll your child, please follow these steps:

  1. Determine the student’s eligibility
    Children who are age 3, 4 or 5 on/before September 1st are eligible for enrollment.
  2. Identify and contact our school office
    Registrations are now being accepted.  Please call the school office (262-569-3030) for a tour.  Complete the registration form,  and return to the school.
  3. Verify age, identity, immunization compliance
    Parents wishing to register their child/ren must provide the child’s birth certificate, proof of immunizations, and a copy of the baptismal certificate.  Wisconsin state law requires all students in grades K3-12 be immunized.  This requirement may be waived for an individual student only for health and/or religious conviction reasons.

To apply online for the 2019-2020 school year, please click on this link to TADS.

Tuition for 2019-2020

3K – 2 days T/Th (morning) $1,268
3K – 3 days M/W/F (morning) $1,798
3K – 2 days T/Th (extended) $1,692
3K – 3 days M/W/F (extended) $2,329
K4 – (5 half days) $3,338
1st child @ STJ  K4 full day through grade 8 $3,979
2nd child @ STJ K4 full day through grade 8 $3,382      (15% discount)
3rd child @ STJ K4 full day through grade 8 $2,706      (20% discount)
4th child @ STJ K4 full day through grade 8 $2,029      (25% discount)
Additional children @ STJ K4 full day through grade 8 $1,420      (30% discount)
0 Non-Parishioner rate $7,646

School Choice

Private School Choice application information is available through this link.  

Applications for School Choice for 2019- 2020 school year will be available in late January.

Review the new Income Guidelines to see if you qualify for free tuition.

Upcoming Events


See your family at St. Jerome.

It doesn’t take long to appreciate the lasting value of a Catholic education. In just one visit to St. Jerome Parish School, you can see for yourself. Contact us to ask a question, get information and set up a visit.