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We have incorporated PLTW’s interdisciplinary modules into our elementary STREAM lab for grades K5 – 5th.  Next year, (2021-22) we are excited to add K4 to the STREAM lab experience.  The modules are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) so the students are working towards proficiency in grade specific standards while exploring and discovering with their classmates in a fun and collaborative way.

The students visit the lab twice a week and are guided through the hands-on activities by their classroom teacher and our lab facilitator Kim Lestina.  They are introduced to a real life problem and then work collaboratively through the five parts of the module.  In the end, they use the knowledge they have gained through the use of the Scientific Inquiry and Design Processes to produce a solution to the problem.  As a culminating activity, they explain the concepts that they have learned and present their solution to the class.  This helps strengthen their speaking and listening skills and displays their level of proficiency in the concepts taught.

Student Testimonials

  • My favorite thing was using the VEX kits to build a safety restraint system for an egg. – Whitney K.  (Grade 4)
  • I really liked learning how to program computers and make video games by playing Rosie’s Path.  – Maren S. (Grade 2)
  • I enjoyed building with the VEX kits.  I liked how the VEX kits brought in the engineering aspect.  That can really help me in the future.  – Maddox W. (Grade 4)
  • I liked learning about building structures when we built the Three Little Pigs’ houses and then the Big Bad Wolf came and tried to blow them down. – Nico D. (K5)
  • I liked making a shoe for our traveler and learning about the different climates in the world. – Dominic M. (Grade 1)
  • I liked using punnett squares to learn about genotypes and phenotypes.  It was fun planting the seeds and predicting the color of their stems.– Faith S. (Grade 3)
  • We like coming to the lab and working together in groups to solve different problems. – (Grade 3)

Click on this link to the PLTW website for details.

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