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St. Jerome Parish



St. Jerome Roman Catholic Parish is a "Stewardship" parish.  This means we ask our members to reflect regularly on how God is calling them to use their Time, Talent, and Treasure to benefit the mission of the Church.  We believe that God has committed to your care some special gift or gifts -- an ability, a talent, or a quality of personality -- that He expects you to use in His service. Some may sing in the choir or organize all-parish events. Others may shovel snow or help to provide refreshments for funerals. Some may lead parish groups, while others guide our youth activities. All are needed; all are important; all are forms of prayer, the daily living out of the Eucharist we celebrate together.

Under the "Ministries" heading you will find information on various ministries active at St. Jerome Parish. To volunteer to serve in a particular ministry, please complete this MINISTRY SIGN-UP SHEET or call the Parish Office, 262-569-3020.

In an effort to determine how much financial support we should give, we encourage our parishioners to pray for God’s guidance to make a decision which honestly reflects our deep gratitude to the Lord for His ongoing generosity toward us. A STEWARDSHIP COMMITMENT CARD is mailed each November to all registered families to provide an opportunity to make a financial commitment for the upcoming calendar year. This information is vital to the Finance Committee as they begin budget planning after the first of the year.