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St. Jerome Parish School


altWelcome to the home of the Saint Jerome Lions



Athletic Association Constitution 


Saint Jerome Parish School provides a comprehensive athletic program for girls and boys in grades five through eight. The program is designed to provide participation in team sports and athletic development which adds to the spiritual, social, academic and physical training our students receive in school.

Every student in grades five through eight has an opportunity to participate in basketball, volleyball or track.  These activities are directed by competent adults instilling in our athletes the importance of positive sportsmanship, leadership, and team play as well as fostering the development of athletic skills.

We follow the Rules and Regulations of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Office for Schools which governs each specific sport.  Victor E. Lion is often spotted in our gym during the season cheering our teams on to victory!


Robert Huber & Jane Marie Packee Annual Awards

At the May Athletic Banquet, one 8th grade boy and girl are awarded the Robert Huber Award and the Jane Marie Packee Award, respectively. Eligibility for the reception of this award is based on Christian attitude and principles, good sportsmanship, good grades, and participation in our sports program.



Common Athletic Forms

 Risk Acknowledgement and Consent to Participate Form

 Student Athlete Medical Information and Emergency Contact Form

 Physical Examination Form for Elementary School Interscholastic Athletics

 Student-Athlete Sportsmanship Pledge

 Parent/Guardian Sportsmanship Pledge

 Coaches Sportsmanship Pledge

 Parent and Athlete Concussion Acknowledgement Form

 Concussion Fact Sheet