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St. Jerome Parish School

How to Enroll

As you begin discerning the best educational setting for your child/ren, we invite you to consider St. Jerome Parish School as your first option.

      To help you enroll your child, please follow these steps:

      Step 1 – Determine the student’s eligibility

      Children who are age 4 or 5 on/before September 1st are eligible for kindergarten enrollment.

      Step 2 -  Identify and contact our school office

      Registrations are now being accepted.  Please call the school office (262-569-3030)        

      to request registration form, complete it and return to the school.

      Step 3  -  Verify age, identity, immunization compliance

      Parents wishing to register their child/ren must provide the child’s birth certificate, proof of

      immunizations, and a copy of the baptismal certificate.  

Wisconsin state law requires all students in grades K3-12 be immunized.  This requirement may be waived for an individual student only for health and/or religious conviction reasons.


Private School Choice information coming soon for the 2017-2018 school year.